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- Shannan Stanke, Author -

Shannan Stanke is the surviving wife of Greg the Great, mom to their 3 grown daughters and Gran to the granddaughter of Charlie.

This story was written to gently explain their story to Charlie. Shannan hopes this short synapsis of her family's experience will help others recognize the need to explore the possibility of a connection between their own previous head injuries and current mental health struggles. She welcomes readers to share as needed with children who need to make sense of similar circumstances as well as adults who are wondering about themselves or someone they know or care about.

This book is being made available in public because Shannan's mission to inform and educate readers and audiences about:

  • The effects of concussion and sub-concussive hits

  • The serious impact of the accumulation of mild to severe head traumas over a lifetime.

  • The missed, mis-diagnosed, misunderstood and often mis-interpreted signs and symptoms of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) and post-concussion syndrome often due, in part, to a brain injured person's inability to express this for him/herself. 

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